Steve Spurrier has some cuts to make…

Math time:

85 scholarships
17 scholarship graduations (3 non-scholarship graduates included in that article)
3 transfers (BrindiseGilesQ.Richardson)
1 early NFL departure
– 4 others (see comments)

+ 28 commits for 2011 class so far

= 87.

How will Spurrier and South Carolina clear space?

A) “Undisclosed violations” dismissals
B) Medical hardship removals
C) Previously unannounced grayshirts after Signing Day
D) All of the above

Place your bets now.

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2 Responses to Steve Spurrier has some cuts to make…

  1. gatorhater27 says:

    SC has lost two recruits recently. The Rivals lists them as having 26 commits right now.

  2. JT says:

    Since it is math time, you need to check yours. SC had 85 scholarships going into 2010 season but went down to 77 because of transfers, medical and dismissals (7 transfers/quit football, 1 dismissal and 1 medical; offset by 1 walk-on being awarded scholarship). They had 15 scholarship seniors and 2 scholarship juniors not coming back (two fourth-year walk-ons previously-awarded scholarships) as well as 1 player who has declared for the draft. By my count, that adds to 59, or 26 scholarships to give. They currently have 26 verbals (not 28) so 26 minus 26 is zero. On your multiple choice question of how they will clear room if more than 26 scholarships are extended…. I will take E) scholarships awarded to players who cannot enroll due to academics (but who are placed at juco or prep school in hopes they re-enroll) . SC has averaged 5 each of the last four years.

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